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Organic Bread Mix – for plain loaf

Our bread mix is made only with ingredients certified as organic under the Japanese Agricultural Standard. Organic bread can easily be baked in an electric bread-making machine, and you can enjoy the gentle aromatic flavor of organic bread at home. We recommend using our organic shortening (portion pack) and organic yeast to bake the ultimate organic bread.

Ingredients: organic wheat, organic sugar, organic wheat starch, salt

Weight: 260g

Storage instructions: Avoid sunlight and keep in dry and cool place

How to bake in an electric bread-maker:

Materials: organic bread mix (260g), organic shortening (1 stick) or unsalted butter (10g) or organic vegetable oil (8g), water (170cc), organic yeast or dry yeast (3g).

Put all ingredients in the bread-maker and start the machine. If the machine has a yeast pocket, insert yeast into yeast pocket. If there is no yeast pocket, add the yeast manually when the machine starts the second round of kneading. Alternatively, place the yeast with the bread mix before starting the machine, ensuring that the yeast is not in direct contact with water. Remove the bread as soon as it is baked.

*Please pay close attention to the fermentation temperature in summer and winter. The recommended water temperature is 10℃ in summer, 30℃ in winter.

Our organic bread can be kneaded by hand and baked in an oven. For baking the bread and more information, see our Japanese homepage

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this product are is donated to Save the Children JAPAN, an international non-profit organization dedicated to saving children’s lives when disasters strike and creating lasting change for children and their families through long-term development programs. Save the Children JAPAN is committed to the “rights of the child”.


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