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Organic Raw Chocolate

In the regular chocolate production process, the cacao beans are roasted and ground at very high temperatures whereby much of the cacao’s beneficial qualities are destroyed. But raw chocolate is different: The raw cacao beans are not roasted but cold ground, many of the beautiful cacao substances remain intact, namely antioxidants (flavonoids) and “love chemicals”.
In the Lovechock process, from the cacao bean through to the end product, the temperature is kept below 49°C. Respect for the natural ingredients and passion for chocolate assure the high quality of Lovechock.

Raw food is a diet in which only fresh, unheated vegetable foods are consumed (so lots of juices, smoothies, salades, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds). Because foods are eaten raw, the vitamin, minerals and enzymes remain intact. These are more easily absorbed into the body than when a foodstuff has been processed and cooked.
Raw, unroasted nuts are full of enzymes. By soaking them in water, the enzymes come to life and can be planted to produce new trees. This is also true of the cacao bean, which is the seed of the cacao fruit.
Lovechock uses only the best, natural and organic ingredients. After a long search our choice fell upon the Arriba Nacionale, which is a superior cacao bean from Ecuador. A ‘cacao fino de aroma’, that is to say a speciality cacao. Speciality cacao makes up only 4% of the total world cacao trade, the rest is bulk cacao. Arriba Nacionale is a rare cacao sort which requires careful and dedicated cultivation.
The Arriba Nacionale has a full and intense flavour with tones of exotic fruits and spicy, flowery accents.
The cacao Lovechock uses is organically grown on a small scale by small farmers who also often cultivate other fruits. Thisassures a high biodiversity. Organic quality is particularly important for chocolate. Cacao grows in a tropical climate and normally cacao trees are sprayed with lots of pesticides. Lovechock uses cacao which has not been sprayed with pesticides (SKAL025561).
Lovechock buys her chocolate directly at the cacaocorperation. You’ll find?here?more information about this subject.
Chocolate is traditionally considered to be a food of love; it gives you a relaxed and warm feeling. It is therefore also an aphrodisiac. Because the “love-chemicals” remain intact in our chocolate, Lovechock is a true food of love. Mmm, may love melt on your tongue!
Lovechock is made with love. The scientist?Emoto?proved that loving music made beautiful water crystals. That is why Lovechock chocolate is made with loving energy. Mmm, a secret recipe for love…
Raw chocolate has more effect than roasted cacao. Lovechock gives you a warm feeling inside and can increase your concentration and creative energy for long periods. Chocolate has a pleasant energetic influence on the heart and can help you to connect more easily to others. It can sometimes enhance your sensual energy. The effect that Lovechock has on you can change from moment to moment and from person to person.
Because Lovechock has a stronger effect on you than ‘normal’ chocolate, you need less of it. A small piece can give you a feeling of deep satisfaction. Everybody is different and what feels good varies from person to person. Discover for yourself what feels good for you.
Cacao contains wonderful substances which can positively influence your mood. These substances give you a joyful, loving feeling.
Cacao can improve your mood because it contains an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan works on your levels of serotonin, the substance which positively influences your mood: you feel happy, joyful, less stressed and relaxed.
Tryptophan is also found in bananas, avocados, durian fruit, pumpkin seeds and pecan nuts.
Cacao also contains anandamide (the bliss molecule), which is a substance produced by your brain after physical sporting activity. It causes the euphoric feeling that runners call ‘a high’. Anandamide comes from the Sanskrit word ‘ananda’ which means bliss.
Cacao also contains phenethylamine (PEA), which makes you feel in love, excited and attractive. This is the substance which explodes in your head after an orgasm! In nature, PEA is only found in blue-green algae and in cacao.
Cacao is one of the richest sources of flavonoids (antioxidants). Drinking chocolate contains twice as many antioxidants as
red wine and three times as many than green tea. Cold ground cacao contains twice as many antioxidants as ordinary roasted cacao!
A 40g bar of pure chocolate (Lovechock Pure/Nibbs) contains around 1% of theobromine (40mg). Theobromine is related to caffeine but has a milder effect on the central nervous system. Caffeine stimulates the lungs, whereas theobromine has more of an effect on the heart. Theobromine gives you a general feeling of well-being and therefore contributes to the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate.
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