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Organic Yeast

Natural Yeast made with Organic Grain
10 bags of 3g; 12 bags of 3g, 9g and 500g


This natural yeast, used for baking bread, is certified by JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) as 100% organic. The yeast is dry and therefore easy to use, and the use of organic yeast ensures purity of flavor. This product is made by ARGANO Gmbh & Co. Kg, Germany, and imported by KAZETOHIKARI Co., Ltd.

Organic corn, organic wheat, organic potato starch, organic yeast

Storage instructions:
Avoid sunlight and keep in a dry, cool place. Unused yeast should be kept refrigerated and airtight in its packet and used within about one month of opening. Avoid freezer storage because it will reduce the strength of the yeast.

Mix yeast directly with wheat. Yeast will lose strength if mixed with water or warm water.
Item Product dimensions Item weight
10 bags of 3g each D15 x W130 x H170mm 47g
12 bags of 3g each D38 x W75 x H100mm 57g
9g D6 x W64 x H95mm 11g
500g D50 x W90 x H130mm 512g
Best before: One year after production
Manufacturing process: Place natural water, organic grain and diastatic ferment (organic malt enzyme, non-genetically modified plant) in fermentation tank to produce nutrient source for organic yeast⇒Add organic yeast seed germ and cultivate (move gradually from small tank to larger tank)⇒Centrifuge⇒Filter yeast cream⇒Dry at low temperature⇒Dried organic yeast

Produced by Agrano Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany

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