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Organic Vegetable Currey Flakes

Organic Vegetable Curry Flakes 120g


We believe we have made the world’s first organic curry flakes, and it has taken a huge effort. Ordinary curry flakes contain many kinds of spice, requiring a complex mixing technique. Thanks to the manufacturer of INOUE SPICE and other companies, we have successfully produced this vegetable curry. We use concentrated organic grape juice instead of sugar and sugarless organic tomato ketchup to add a rich flavor, among other innovations. These curry flakes are suitable for vegans – and everyone else – because they contain no animal products.


Organic wheat, organic palm oil, concentrated organic grape juice, salt, organic tomato paste, organic onion powder, organic curry powder, organic ketchup, organic ginger powder, organic garlic powder

Storage and caution: Avoid sunlight and keep in a dry, cool place. Because no preservatives are used, unused curry flakes should be kept refrigerated and used within three months of opening.

Packing: PP, PA

Best before: One year after production

Product dimensions: 220mm (height) x 90mm (width) x 45mm (diameter)

Item weight: 120g


Manufacturing process: Measure raw materials⇒Stir and cook in a steamer (90 minutes at 115 ℃)⇒When curry becomes hard, crack coarsely⇒Use silent cutter to make curry flakes⇒Fill packet with curry flakes and measure⇒Seal⇒Check for metals[1] (iron 2.0mm, stainless steel 2.5mm)⇒Attach spice packet⇒pack⇒Ship

[1] The product is routinely checked for metal fragments because the manufacturing process involves the use of metal pans and cutters.

Allergen: rice ※The factory manufactures products containing curry, wheat, soy beans, beef, pork, crab and apple.

Nutrition factsper 24g (1 serving)
Energy 110Kcal
Protein 1.4g
Fat 6.2g
Carbohydrate 12.2g
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