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Amami Curry Flakes

Amami Curry Flakes 180g

amamicurryflakes_mild Amami Curry Flakes (Mild) amamicurryflakes_hot Amami Curry Flakes (Hot)

We use freshly ground organic ukon (turmeric) specially grown in Amami Oshima in our curry flakes. Using fresh turmeric maximizes the health benefits and flavor  of this spice. We use only selected ingredients in our curry flakes, no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, and no beef fat or extracts. Our curries use horosiri wheat grown in Hokkaido and sugar grown in Kikaijima. Additional spices are attached to the packet; for extra flavor, simply add the spices when the curry is cooked, and stir well.

Ingredients: Japanese wheat, vegetable oil, vegetables (onion, tomato, garlic), salt, sugar, curry powder, fresh turmeric, spices, pork extract, yeast extract

Storage instructions and caution:  Because no preservatives are used, unused curry flakes should be kept refrigerated and used within three months of opening.

Packing information: PP, PA

Best before: One year after production

Product dimensions: 200mm (height) x120mm (width) x 47mm (diameter)

Item weight: 190g

Manufacturing process: Measure raw materials⇒Stir and cook in a steamer (90 minutes at 115 ℃)⇒Cool curry on a steel plate at room temperature⇒Crack curry coarsely⇒Use silent cutter to make curry flakes⇒Fill packet with curry flakes and measure⇒Seal⇒Detect metal  (Iron2.0mm, Stainless steel 2.5mm)⇒Attach spice packet⇒Pack⇒Ship

Allergens: rice ※ The factory manufactures products containing curry, wheat, soy beans, beef, pork, crab and apple.

Nutrition facts per 100g (analyzed by Japan Food Research Laboratories)
Energy 493Kcal
Protein 6.5g
Fat 32.6g
Carbohydrate 43.3g
Sodium 3,210mg
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