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Bauckhof Bio Brownies gluten free

Bauckhof Bio Brownies gluten free

 bauckhofbiobrowniesgluten Brownies gluten free Bio

Back mix for 6 large or 12 small brownies, even without milk and eggs.


particularities Preparation in just 5 minutes … Mixing, baking, finished! All Bauckhof cakes, also the gluten-free, succeed with or without egg, milk and butter. For our baking mixes, we exclusively use ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. Additives, production aids or taste enhancers are included in the bag. That’s why the cakes taste like Grandma.
use Bauckhof cake mixes always succeed, are easy and fast to prepare. The gluten-free Brownies mixture yields 6 large or 12 small brownies. They can be baked in a baking dish or a baking dish, but also as muffins or chocolate. Recipes for the different varieties can be found on each pack.
Production In the Bauckhof mini-mill, only gluten-free raw materials are ground. All products are checked for gluten free in the mills laboratory after production and packaging and are reported with gluten analysis at the German Celiac Society. Bauckhof Brownies are suitable for the gluten-free diet of celiac and sprue.
ingredients Raw cane sugar *, corn starch *, chocolate leaves dark * 15% (raw cane sugar *, cocoa mass *, cocoa butter *, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin *), rice wholemeal flour *, cocoa powder * 8%, thickener: carob seed flour *, sea salt, vanilla *

* = Ingredients from organic. farming
** = ingredients from biol.dynamischem cultivation

quality 100% organic, EEC 834/2007 Standard, Bio-Label, EU Organic-Logo, EU Agriculture / Non-EU Agriculture, the vegan society, gluten-free Ear of the DZG
content 400 g
storage Store cool and dry.
Control station DE-ÖKO-007
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