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Bauckhof Bio Oat cookies gluten free

Bauckhof Bio Oat cookies gluten free

 bauckhofbiooatcookiesglutenfree Oat cookies gluten free Bio

In the double pack – 2 bags of 200g for 2 x 12 large oat cookies or 2 x 40 mini biscuits!


particularities In the Bauckhof mini-mill, only gluten-free raw materials are ground. All products are inspected for gluten free in the mills laboratory after production and packaging. Bauckhof Oat cookies are suitable for the gluten-free diet of celiac and sprue.
use Bauckhof Backmixes always succeed, are easy and fast to prepare. The oat cookies in the double pack are sufficient for 2 x 12 large oat cookies or 2 x 40 mini biscuits. Preparation in 10 minutes, baking time 8 – 15 minutes. They also succeed without butter and eggs. Try also the different variations! You will find excitations on the packaging, as always. Further recipes from the Bauckhof Hofküche can be found at
Production For our oat cookies, we only use gluten-free oatmeal. Our gluten-free oat flakes are free from impurities with gluten-containing grains in cultivation, transport and processing. We analyze each batch for gluten-freeness and guarantee <20 ppm gluten. Most people with a gluten intolerance can include gluten-free oats in their diet, since the protein structure of the oats differs from wheat, rye, spelled and barley. It is recommended to integrate oats slowly and gradually into a gluten-free diet.
ingredients Wholegrain oat flakes gluten free * 45%, cane sugar *, rice flour *, corn flour *, vanilla, sea salt

* = Ingredients from organic. Farming
** = ingredients from biol.dynamischem cultivation

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