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Organic island “Kikaijima”


Kikaijima is a beautiful island near Okinawa – it won a prize as the most beautiful village in Japan in 2009. Farmers on the island have not used chemical fertilizers for years. The alkaline soils, and the clean water taken from the ground, grow high-quality sugarcane and sesame. On the other hand, the island’s population is declining, especially people aged between 20 and 40 years. To help keep the way of life on this beautiful island, we began the “Kikaijima” organic island project in 2009, in partnership with the islanders and the local government.


The project has been approved as a non-profit organization to help maintain Kikaijima’s beauty and to grow its economy sustainably through organic farming and processing. Our success will help retain young people on the island, to continue this precious way of life.

The people of Kikaijima are part of our story.



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